Visiting Havana, Cuba | 6 IMPORTANT TIPS for backpacking

Visiting Havana, Cuba | 6 IMPORTANT TIPS for backpacking

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We just paid 12 CUC for this. These my friends, are cards that allow you to access the internet. Without this, in Cuba, you can’t get wifi at all. You need a username and a password. And from there, you get 1 hour of wifi. For about 2 to 4 CUC/USD. And you have to go to a wifi zone, which is usually in front of a fancy hotel. Without this card, you cannot access any wifi in all of Cuba. To the rice and beans they add habanero, garlic, onion, peppers… They have potatoes. Those are the breads you can find here. They sell them all attached together like this. It’s like blocks of 4… Really funny because these really look like a butt. This one that is 5.50 CUC, what is it? It’s thinner right? Smaller. It’s exactly what I wanted. And how much does it cost? It’s 5.50 CUC. How many cigars in there? 10. This is what we chose. The big cigars are honestly just too enormous. And you know we’re not smokers at all, so… It’s really just to try out an authentic cuban cigar! Oh my god, these cigars are amazing. Yeah? It’s getting shorter very fast! Maya Cigar Dib. So in here, there’s only one ingredient and it’s tobacco leaves. Yeah, that’s it. It’s pretty crazy. And the tobacco is still humid, you know? It’s not extra dry like cigarettes. You have no idea how much it doesn’t taste like crap, like the tobacco we have in Canada. Yep. Ultimately, you can smoke this cigar with a good cuban coffee. Or with rum, or even a mojito! A little piece of advice… If you want to buy cigars in Havana, go to the official place (Fabrica de Tabacos) Because some people will approach you in the street and tell you to follow them to the “COOP” But they will just bring you to their house and it’s got nothing to do with the real thing. Exactly. Actually, we just had a little scare. Because a man came to us and said “The Tobacco Shop is closed for renovations” “So I will bring you to the COOP” Then we got there and it was just some people’s house entrance… So I just looked at Gab and said “Okay no, we’re leaving right now!”

32 thoughts on “Visiting Havana, Cuba | 6 IMPORTANT TIPS for backpacking

  1. HAHHAHA, Numro uno!! lol love that voice over. Such a well done video filled with so many good facts. dang, no wifi, that must of been hard to upload. you both do such an amazing job of blending into the culture. i love that so much.

  2. Excellent guide!!This was really well put together and edited guys!!Your videos are really helpful and useful.Well done.Love the fruit and vegetable market that you guys found, it really looked like a vegan paradise!Eating like a backpacker is definitely the way to go.

  3. i love the old cars. i like the live music everywhere!!! LOL at the "that guy tho". oh ya, i remember that episode that you couldn't find a market.

  4. The live music is awesome for sure! Wow that churros was crazy. Was the wifi good or slow? These are really awesome very local tips.

  5. Another bucket list added! Havana looks so lush! Thank you for the tips and scenery guy!

  6. You just listed a lot of the things we're looking for when exploring a new place: music, good food, good lodging… and gosh, cigars! For me, wifey wouldn't approve! 😀

  7. I already wanted to go there, but after your interesting video I really want to go. I love this culture, colors and everything I saw in your video…very good job!

  8. wow i really enjoyed this video! it is so interesting to listen how you guys are telling about cuba!!!) hah i think i will definitely check this place out one day)) the things i loved the most were the live music and the fruits)) hah also the nature seems incredible) last shots of the “vinales“ got me!!

  9. Havana is very high on my travel bucket list. Would love to wander through the streets, sit down in on of the cafes and listen to "LIVE" music. Didn't know anything about "CUC" before. Great job sticking to backpackers budget. I don't smoke at all but would love to try their local rum. Thank you for sharing this awesome video with very interesting and useful tips that I will use during my future trip to Havana.

  10. Great tips! The music sounds amazing, live music is the best! having 2 currencies must be confusing. The Markets look amazing, all that fresh food yum and I bet the rum is delicious!

  11. Great video and channel, Cuba looks awesome! Subbed and look forward to more videos! We just started our own travel channel and would love for you guys to check us out and follow along! Thanks!

  12. I'm loving your backpacking channel so far! Watching your videos fills me up with so much wanderlust, and I want to travel again! Especially want to go to Cuba because it looks so amazing 🙂 I subbed! Let's support each other ?

  13. Very interesting about the currency situation! As someone who has never been to Cuba, your explanation helped clear things up a lot 🙂 Good for you two trying to make the local food, your version of Congris looked delicious!!

  14. Cuba is full of life! I love street musicians. Loved it so much that we created show on 11 Street musicians of Europe! 😀
    Gab looks so satisfied with the entire trip that it shows on his face, haha! 😀

  15. HAVANA!! love the city and you show it. in really beautiful way – want me to be back 😉 the tips are very helpful I would say not only of backpackers

  16. Always love just how musical, and more importantly, informational your vlogs are guys!
    I swear your video quality has improved recently too! So easy to follow and just get sucked in. Keep this up!
    Ohh and.. love Churros!

  17. Thank u guys so much for the tips on this video help me out a lot I’m Mexican n going to Cuba in a few months for the first time any more tips u can share or places to see ??

  18. Hi there! Wanted to know if you are both fluent in Spanish. Is it manageable to travel in Cuba without being fluent?

  19. Hi Maya and Gab, I'm backpacking in Cuba next month. I'ìm struggling as I'm taking just my backpack as carry on, so limited liquid to bring with myself. I've seen in the video you said in "mercados" you can find shampoo etc.. is there any possibility to really find everything such solar cream , mosquito repellent, etc or is there any chance to find them at the airport?

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