5 thoughts on “Northbound: An Arctic Road Trip

  1. Wow brother 🏔🏕 that is beauty captured in an amazing way 👍 i specially like your transitions and how you showed the map.
    It is really breathtaking! Thank you for taking us along your way 😎🌄

  2. We went up the dempster in our Toyota Matrix car in 2010 but could only drive to Inuvik. We flew into Tuktoyaktuk, and I actually had a full swim in the ocean.  Absolutely loved the trip, and it seemed around every corner, we both said "Oh, wow" at the same time, just amazing colours. We could definitely NOT do the hike at Tombstone, so it was really wonderful to see what you saw. No flats for us on the Dempster, but did have one on the Dalton.

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