Myanmar’s SURREAL VOLCANO Temple | Is MOUNT POPA Worth a Day Trip?

Myanmar’s SURREAL VOLCANO Temple | Is MOUNT POPA Worth a Day Trip?

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Hello guys Ryan here and welcome back to the One Shot Adventures channel. Today we are in Myanmar once again checking out the mystical
Mount Popa. The Mount Popa monastery sits at 1500 meters above sea level. On top of
a surreal tower of volcanic rock. But as serene as it looks from afar. Climbing up Mount Popa
is quite different. Thanks to it’s thousands of hairy inhabitants and the mess they leave
behind. So much poo! Mount Popa is only 50km away from Bagan, which makes it very a popular
half day trip for tourists. But we decided to make our stay a little longer. And for
an overnight Mount Popa experience. There is one option that is leagues above the rest.
After about an hour and a half the minibus dropped us off on a stunning green mountaintop.
Where we got our first look at where we would be spending the night. Who are we? I think
we may have been a little bit overindulgent with our accommodation choice. Welcome to
the Popa Mountain Resort and the view from our amazing villa. Wow! We had this balcony
all to ourselves. Complete with uninterrupted views of the famous monastery and the beautiful
mountain scenery around it. This whole place feels like a treehouse. So cool. The whole
resort is hidden in the jungle with wooden platforms leading through the trees. And more
than it’s fair share of luxuries. Check out this view from the pool. It does not get
much better than that. And to be honest as you walk around the place you can’t escape
amazing views of the monastery from every angle. I’m not gonna lie this place is in
no way affordable on any kind of backpacking budget. But we’ve been travelling for six
months now so we thought we would treat ourselves to a nice night in a great hotel and this
view is so worth it. The sunset from our private balcony was completely surreal. The monastery
stands alone in the plains with nothing else around it for miles. And in the peace and
quiet you can hear the distant sounds of prayers from the peak. A few hours later we woke up
for the sunrise. Which is very easy when you’ve got your own balcony view. And it was equally
as magical as the night before. After some breakfast with a few more views it was time
to climb the mountain itself. We took a tuktuk down to the village at the base of the monastery
and came face to face with Mount Popa’s most famous inhabitants. So we just arrived
at the base of Mount Popa and we’re starting the walk up now through this covered market
area. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many monkeys in one place. It’s estimated
that nearly 2000 Rhesus Macaques live on and around the monastery. And you will see plenty
of them as you walk up the 800 steps to the summit. Because they are definitely not shy.
Like all sacred sights in Myanmar you don’t wear shoes when you are inside the monestery.
Which is never usually an issue but with the monkeys running riot, it’s not the most
sanitary experience. It’s a pretty steep climb up. It also faintly smells of monkey
p*ss and sh*t. These little guys go where they want. They eat what the want. And most
noticeably they poo where they want. There’s a pretty strong smell of monkey poo all the
way up and there’s actually people cleaning the steps constantly so we know why. Let’s
just say I couldn’t wait to back and wash my feet. At the summit we finally entered
the actual monastery and got some views of the surroundings. The monastery was built
in tribute to what locals call Nat Spirits. Which are the souls of humans who have suffered
particularly violent deaths. But over the years the temple has been fused with buddhist
beliefs as well. So we’ve made it to the top and it’s actually a much smaller area
than I expected but the views are really nice. The Mount Popa Monestary gets its name from
the volcano that created it. The real Mount Popa is now extinct but still towers over
the scenery below. I feel like this is one of those places that is much more impressive
to get a view of than to climb up. When you are at the top there’s just not a whole
lot to see apart from the views. Unless you’re a practicing buddhist where you can see that
it’s quite an important place to come. But for a tourist I think it’s much more interesting
to get a view of it. The whole climb and visit took us about an hour. And then we returned
to the resort to catch a ride back to Bagan. It’s so strange seeing the view of the mountain
from here is just so different from being on there. Looking at it now it just looks
so mystical and surreal. But being up there is such a different experience. So all in
all my comprehensive review of Mount Popa would be views good, climb bad. Honestly unless
you’re really stuck for things to do in Bagan I wouldn’t even bother with the day
trip here but if you do just make sure you keep your distance. Thank you so much for
watching this video, if you liked it make sure you leave it a thumbs up and subscribe
to the channel. The very last Myanmar video will be going up very soon. So I will see
you next time.

10 thoughts on “Myanmar’s SURREAL VOLCANO Temple | Is MOUNT POPA Worth a Day Trip?

  1. More like Mount Poopa AMARIIIIIGHT?! 💩😂

    Thanks for watching another Myanmar episode! If you want any information about the hotel we stayed in, make sure check out the video description. I’m currently working on the FINAL episode of the Myanmar series, so keep an eye out for that in the coming week or so.

    PS I’m trying to get to 5000 subs by the end of the year, so if you haven't already, please hit the red button 😉

  2. Mount monkey poopa. It looks from a distance as Sigiriya rock in Sri Lanka which also looked better from a distance as on being on top as well. How expensive was that ridiculous resort?

  3. Was a beautiful place, even though it involved some pooh dodging!! Oh yeah, you got to spoil yourself every once in a while. Great room dudes. Keep rocking it Ryan.

  4. Guys, how can you only have 4k subs. This is in any way less of a travel documentary as something you would expect from a real tv station. In your case, with the accent, probably BBC… 🙂 Congratulations. We are planning to go to Thailand for a month. What would be the one city or are you would recommend? Cheers

  5. deeeeewd! Ya editing is always spot on and coupled with ya storytelling skillm you really should have more subs man!

  6. Um, I think you chose EXACTLY the right accommodation – it's beautiful! What a view. And LOOOOOL Mount Poopa. I love me a good poop joke. 😂😂😂😂 But seriously. So much poop!

  7. I love how the Nat and Buddhist beliefs in Myanmar have fused together. I chose not to visit Mt Poopa, and you've just confirmed why! 🐒💩 That said, your footage is BEAUTIFUL and as always marries with the music fantastically. Have you done something different with colour grading? I'm loving the tones and feel. 😀

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