Jealous Boyfriend?!

Jealous Boyfriend?!

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(audience applause) ♪ Oh, oh. ♪ ♪ Oh, oh. ♪ ♪ Oh, oh. ♪ ♪ Oh, oh ♪ Here I come. In three, two, one, smile. (laughter) Hey, wait, it says off, now I’m gonna turn it on. (laughter) Here ya go. On. (laughter) Hey, there’s no film in here. (laughter) Hey, oh. Aw, there is film. Nobody set it up right. You know I’m bad at this stuff. Look, but this is Cyber Monday, and this deal is from Rue La La. I don’t know about you, I love a Polaroid camera and film bundle because the pictures come right out, you can give’em to your friends, the whole bit. It retails for $146, but you can get yours right now for $89.99, okay? (audience applause) Rue La La, thank you. Hey, girl. Play your part. All right, thank you, cohost. Don’t leave with that. (laughter) Or maybe ya can, I like your skirt. All right, it’s time for Ask Wendy. (audience applause) How you doin’? Hi. I’m Raquel. Hi, Raquel. I’m from New Rochelle. Okay. How you doin’, Wendy? Good. (audience cheers) What do you do? I work for Liberty Travel for 15 years, so I get to travel the world. Okay, good. Yes, and I love my job. So how can I help you? So much drama. Everybody’s gotta listen. So Saturday night, we were out for my girlfriend’s 45th birthday. She’s fabulous, by the way. And my boyfriend was there with me. How long you been with him? Five and a half years. We have a daughter together. She’s beautiful, she’s beautiful. Okay, okay. Basically, we’re at the party, and all of a sudden, we see this guy that I knew from years ago, a mutual friend. Well, he started flipping out, going crazy. Who, the guy? My boyfriend. Your boyfriend. Cause the guy came over, sat next to us, and my boyfriend started flipping out. I said, “Hi”, and my boyfriend started flipping out. Why? Was he touching you, trying to kiss you or something? No, nothing at all. Nothing, there’s no attraction to the guy at all. He’s just someone that I know. My boyfriend started flipping out, got kicked out of the club. Kicked out. Your boyfriend got kicked out? Yes, kicked out. Now, did you leave with him? No, I didn’t, I did not. (audience laughs and cheers) Basically what happened, my girlfriend that was with us went outside because he was out of control. He was pacing back and forth, the bouncers had to take him out. Drinking was involved? Oh, heavily drinking was involved. Heavy shots, everything, you name it, we were all drinking. Basically, my girlfriend’s there, she goes outside to try and calm him down. Now he’s flipping out, going crazy. Long story short, I’m having a holiday party next week, so excited, ugly sweater party, and she doesn’t want to come now cause he’s gonna be there. What do I do? Cause the guy that sat next to– My boyfriend. No, cause my boyfriend, she doesn’t want to be around him. Okay, okay. She says he’s a lunatic and all he is is drama, drama, drama. And she doesn’t want drama in her life. So what do I do? Well, is he a lunatic? (laughter) I love him though. But that’s why you like your travel job, because you can escape. Yeah, exactly, yes, yes. (audience laughs and cheers) What do you think? Raquel, what is your question to me? My question is, what am I gonna do now? How do I convince her to come to my Christmas party even though he’s gonna be there? Leave it alone. Exactly, cohost, leave it alone. Yeah, she’s gotta come. I told her I’m gonna drag her by her feet out of her apartment. Raquel, Raquel. Leave it alone. You can’t force her. And you know what, she’s probably doing better for your relationship than you even know. Yeah, very true. If she does show up, she’s gonna, drinking will be involved. Yes, of course. Then your boyfriend and her are gonna end up fighting, or something’s going to go on. It’s just so much drama. You know what? Go out for leftovers to her house the next day. Yeah, maybe I could do that. Thank you so much. And keep your flying job. You have a lot to escape while you figure your life out. (audience laughs and cheers) (upbeat music)

34 thoughts on “Jealous Boyfriend?!

  1. I was drinking last week and accidentally cheated on my girlfriend her birthday is Friday I’m feeling guilty should I tell her …help me wendyyyyyyyy

  2. Raquel, give me some of your flyer miles..I want to escape this cold🥶!

    Wendy, you look beautiful as always😘😘😘

  3. This girl is so dramatic…if you want your boyfriend of 5 years + father of your daughter to get real….He needed to put a ring on that finger a long time ago…..if you are calling him "boyfriend" that is so high school after dating for 5 years….Girl sit down.

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