Handmade Vs. Machine-Made Pasta And Meatballs • Tasty

Handmade Vs. Machine-Made Pasta And Meatballs • Tasty

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I can feel it getting springier wow I'm so out of shape so today I'm going to be challenging myself to make tomato sauce meatballs and pasta two ways so the first way is using as many kitchen appliances as I possibly can now I'm talking mechanical kitchen appliances anything that can substitute any manual labor that I may have to do and then the second way I'm going to try it is using nothing but good old-fashioned analog tools no specialized pieces of equipment just knives spoons pots and pans because I want to know how much time do these actually save is using only the most basic equipment that much more work and when it comes time to eat can you even taste the difference let's make our tomato sauce now I'm going to be making a smooth tomato sauce some people like chunky some people like smooth I'm going with smooth for this I'm going to be using a food mill I'm actually using this because it's got two purposes and one it crushes my tomatoes down to the exact consistency that I want and it filters out all of the seeds and sort of fibrous bits that I don't want in my sauce oh yeah there we go all right got out all of that skin and seed bits is why I love food mill and then of course get all that nice little pulp on the bottom here's where things get into uncharted waters for me I want to make a sauce that has the same smooth consistency but I can't use a food mill to break down my tomatoes my thought process right now is to use a fine mesh sieve and a wooden spoon to try and like press it through I'm gonna try with one tomato okay honestly that's kind of working look at that you don't need a food mill you just need a fine mesh strainer a spoon and a little bit of elbow grease look at that this is messy this is exhausting I think I got about all that I want at that because this is just seeds and skin at this point all right so let's break this down the food mill gets points for being significantly quicker and less effort while the sieve was tiring and messy that being said the results look the same so they both get one point each of course your sauce is complete without garlic so I have to chop all this garlic but why chop garlic when you can just use one of these to supplement the whole process but boom boom bada boom yeah that too what like 30 seconds maybe so I don't have the luxury of a garlic press so I'm gonna finely chop this garlic by hand one of the things that I'm really noticing right now in comparison to using the garlic press my hands are really sticky right there feels nice and finely chopped the garlic press was much faster than chopping which is important however effort wise while my hands were sticky I don't think chopping was that challenging or difficult so they both deserve credit for ease of use they also both get a point for their quality results the last thing I need to do is finely chop this onion but I don't really want to have to chop the entire thing so I don't know about you but that looks really finely chopped to me our own Yong you have the roots okay place your bets on whether or not I'm gonna start crying alright onion is nice and chopped up once again the machine proved much faster that being said cutting by hand was not that hard if anything it's comparable since the food processor is sort of overkill so I'm awarding them both a point for ease of use the results were also pretty much the same between the two it's time to make meatballs so I have here beef chuck and pork shoulder which I am going to grind myself so first things first I'm just gonna break this down into small pieces and what's good about running your own meat is you can control exactly the kind of fat content that you want the kind of meat that you want to use it gives you a lot of flexibility and it gives you a lot of room to make your own improvements your own adjustments oh the sound is just lovely and there you have it ground my own meat I have never had to grind meat by hand I've had no circumstances ever required it so everything that I looked up said to slice at like a 45 degree angle but don't go all the way through flip it back over honestly this isn't looking too bad well I think my beef is done that feels like it's in a good place okay now time to do the pork great great more it wasn't until this very moment how much I realized that ground meat is a luxury that was exhausting that was that was more work than I anticipated it being like my hand just cramped up entire here and you know it's got to keep on trucking it feels different not in a bad way like I'm actually surprised I was able to chop it as finely as I did all we need to do now is just form these guys into little meatballs meatballs are done 24 minutes and 46 seconds so 34 minutes 44 seconds so about 10 minutes slower than using a meat grinder timewise is not bad I think timewise that's totally okay effort wise it is way more work and the meat grinder was way better because I wasn't as exhausted afterwards the meat grinder is definitely the star here it's faster and easier but the quality of the meatballs seems pretty much the same so they both get a point most pasta you need with your hands but why knead by hand when you can use a food processor to knead for you which fun fact about me was how I learned to make pasta growing up we would always do it in the food processor and then finished off on the counter hello friend alright we're gonna do spring test look at that and that took nine minutes and 32 seconds pasta dough no technology no food processor only by hand the old-fashioned grandmother way and I make myself a little well they're going to add my egg yolks my olio just a little pinch of salt all right here we go that feels congeals enough see the thing about pasta dough's it shouldn't be like super wet shouldn't be like bread dough just gonna break a sweat here I can feel it getting spring here oh oh man I'm out of shape this feels pretty good yes bring right back it's been a little over 23 minutes so vas double the time it took to make it in a food processor kneading dough in a food processor it's quick and takes next to nil work kneading by hands takes more time and a bit more sweating tears but again their final product seemed quite comparable so they both get a point for that my dough is nice and rested which means that all I need to do for my machining is to just flatten and cut my pasta noodles that you want to gradually increase the thinness don't want to go all in at once yeah and I can just see my fingers through it mmm there are two different cut settings on this pasta maker I'm going to be going with the wider one this is the fettuccine and the only reason that I'm doing that is I don't think I can cut the noodles thin enough to the smallest setting on here so I think a wider flatter noodle will work a lot better for my purposes moment of truth that's not half bad that right there is the machine cut pasta that smells amazing looks amazing to me looks almost ready to eat so that took a hand total of 42 minutes at 14 seconds hand-cut pasta I expect it to take longer than it did with the pasta maker here we go see my hands through it yeah see my hands do that so now moment of truth I'm going to attempt a hand cut my own fettuccine okay okay whoo that might be a little bit thick that's hand-cut fettuccine right there all right let's do that eight more times math is the last of our hand-cut pasta dough hmm 23 minutes and 32 seconds that took half the time it did for me to go through the pasta machine this was a bit of a surprise I think constantly adjusting the machine settings made it tape longer so props to the hand made for being quicker both ways are pretty easy so I think they both deserve points for ease of use and the final pastas both looked great so I think they both deserve points for that all right it has been a long day there's been a lot of cooking we have handmade versus machine made pasta versus pasta meatballs vs. meatballs sauce vs. sauce I want to see if one tastes better than the other and if you can tell the difference between the two just got to cook the pasta and throw this all together all right what do we have here okay so Betsy we have two pastas in front of you okay the recipe for the pasta the meatballs and the sauce is the exact same for both but there's one difference between the two this one first twirl twirl twirl that's really good I feel like the first one has more flavor versus the second one if I wasn't like looking for a difference I probably would be like oh this is great but like to mean this one just had more flavor versus this one this one everything was done by hand this one was made using nothing but appliances interesting so you like the all handmade one yeah very cool but it requires the floor work awesome well thank you Betsy thanks Matt and there you have it those slim Betsy felt the handmade tasted better but unfortunately that's not enough to raise this total point value over machine-made and it just goes to show that no matter how much equipment you have or how little equipment you have you can still pull off a quality dish the sweet spot is a mix of both appliances and both handmade and I'm really happy with how both of these turned out I'm definitely gonna take both of these home and eat both of them over the next three days have a good one you

27 thoughts on “Handmade Vs. Machine-Made Pasta And Meatballs • Tasty

  1. What about the cost of these machines? Knife is way cheaper than all these machines. It's also versatile!

  2. Of course the machine will win by time anytime …the reason why there are machines is to make something more easier and a lot faster DUH….thus the time is not included okay

  3. taste should be 2 points worth and FUCK YOU forgoting to add point for hand so it should be 17 machine and 13 hand, even tho machine have more points but FUCK YOU for being unfair and if life is that easy…..FUCK YOU again

  4. Garlic press is the greatest thing man invented. Like your hands will never smell like garlic for the next 2 days.

  5. Both finished product were cooked by an appliance.

    An electric burner/induction cooker, and a metal pot.


  6. This test doesn’t make any sense. It’s 2019 already. Everyone already know that machines make life people easier and work faster. LOL.

    What are we? First grade?

  7. Is it only me or is it more fun to make it by hand? For some things it’s probably better for a machine like the pasta machine and the end but I like chopping things up tbh.

  8. "Effort" should be weighed against the time taken to wash the equipment so basically nothing for the garlic press, but a bigger deal for the food processor.

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