DREADLOCKS  my life philosophy / dread journey / long dreads

DREADLOCKS my life philosophy / dread journey / long dreads

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Hey, it’s me Lily Lu, better
know as Little Swastika. We’re here in a very
small little Thai village somewhere in the middle of Thailand. I sit here on a temple
very close to the ocean and today is the day I
will talk a little bit about my dreads. (booming ominous house music) Because I got many
peoples always commenting, here we go. Yeah, my dreads are around 15 years old. They changed a lot over that long time because when I was young I had more hair, I had more sick hair,
but the older you get the less hair you get. So at some stage I had
to cut off my long dreads in the front because it
was looking just silly, cause you see everywhere my skin, and then I had many years, I had them shaved in the front. But now, I start growing
like little dreads here just because I don’t like normal hair and I don’t like to
shave much more any more. Yeah, for me dreads are
philosophy of life kind of. It sounds silly, but when I was very young there was not like today. Like everybody have dreads
and tattoos, and it was cool and it was mainstream. Back then it was more different. It was more like a little statement maybe. It was for me to have
something with my hair that was not the norm. Would show that I want to
live on the edge of society, that I don’t want to be part, and I don’t want to have a normal job, that I don’t want to have a normal life. That is what dreads was meaning to me. For me, getting dreads
is not so much different than getting a tattoo. You make this once and you just keep it. It’s like not just have it for one summer, cut it off, or change
the job and cut it off. Same like with tattoos, you know? Some people get tattoos, and
they cover it or they laser it. It’s all bullshit. Or they get, like, big earlobes, and they just sew it together
and have a normal life. For me, there is no normal life. So within my dreads, there’s,
like, a lot of memories. There’s like 15 years of
living life the fullest I can. And sure, it’s a big burden to have that heavy weight on the head,
and have to bother with it, and you sleep and lay there, and you drive and they
somewhere on that side. And it’s very annoying in one way, but they are part of me, and you just can’t remove
a part of yourself. Well you can, but you have to want it. Yeah, I think today
dreadlocks are mainstream. I think today it’s very
impersonal to get dreadlocks. You can just buy it in the internet. It’s very normal that people
just, like, get extensions, get fake hair, get shit
like this, you know? That they buy fake dreadlock
extensions from China with a label from some
super dread manufacturer and this is so wrong. This is the same as tattooing. It’s such a personal thing. You normally, when I was
making dreadlocks to someone I believed he would
have a better life with. He have more open and more free life, and have something where
he look in the mirror, he see and he get reminded everyday that he want have an alternative life, that he want have a different life. But this day, it looks
cool, so people, they get it and two years later they cut it off because something else looks cool and this is wrong because this
is against every philosophy of dreadlocks in my eyes. I know I’m just old guy
crying abut the the old times, but yeah, this is how I grew up. This is what I’ve seen and experienced, and what I see these days, and it makes me very sad. Because a lot of the things
was once meaning me a lot, was once giving me a lot of strange to have a different kind of life, they are now completely worthless. If it’s dreadlocks, if it’s people getting their hands or neck tattooed. All these kind of things, they are completely
meaningless these days. (wind blows) (bird chirps) We’re at the beach now, and there’s one time a year, winter time. We’re in Asia. There’s roughly the time when I take a little
bit of care of my hair, because the rest of the year I give a crap and now it’s time to take care of them. I will show you a little bit of what I do. I think it’s 10 years ago
when I washed my hair, when I go in the shower, and I take hair shampoo or
something, and I washed them. In that time, sure, sometimes they get wet when I go in the ocean, sometimes when I jump from some cliffs or when I jump in the pool, but when I normally go in
the pool or take a shower, I try to not get them wet because it’s very hard to dry them. They take, like, days
to be really proper dry and they smell. They do not stink! They smell like beautiful roses. And you don’t have to wash then because when you wash them,
then they start stinking. Hey, don’t get distracted. (sultry bass music) But first, I think we go for a swim because it’s very hot here, very hot here. I think the first time I let my hair grow I was around 15, and it
was long enough for dreads. I just found no one who could make dreads. I’d seen very, very few
older people with dreads when I was at a concert somewhere, but I was way to shy to ask them, oh to get dreads, where I get them? So I just let them grow. And back then, I believe
to just go somewhere and they like burn it
together or something. So when my hair was long enough, I go to a lot of hairdressers and they all had absolutely no clue. So yeah, at some stage
I had to cut them again. And a few years later, I was around 18, I had grown my hair again. And then I found some
websites in the internet, back the days when you had to plug in your 56k modem in the telephone line, and then you go on some homepages, and you find, like, how
to do dreadlocks yourself. And that’s how I got dreadlocks myself. Yeah, because my dreads are
very old and they are very hard, the only thing what I can do is putting a needle and thread, and kind of on the parts
where they are very weak I can try to smash them
a little bit together. The other thing is where
you maybe see here before, this was like six or seven dreads, so I put them together to one big one because the small ones break more easy. But yeah, so here you see
there very nice or thick, but where I have to put them together it’s like the dread is
not holding so good, so like they go flat and they rip apart, or I will just stitch it together. Ah. (funky upbeat guitar music) ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ – So I hope that’s enough. It was all we got in the supermarket, because obvious the time
I would go too crazy with coloring the hair blonde, and instead of brown I found
this so it will get pink. We will see. So, I think I got much
pinker than I expected. (laughs) I hope this will stay not
so bright, but we will see. But I do love surprises, so I will be happy with
whatever I will look like. Yeah, because I don’t wash my hair, we go now in the ocean and
then let nature do it’s job. (slow funky beat) So yeah, this episode
was a little bit weird, but sometimes weird stuff
happens in life, and so am I. It is actually took me a few days, it was quite painful especially
to make all the roots and repair all the roots,
stitch all that together, but I survived like I always do. And I normally don’t do much with my hair, but I think they’re not strong enough to survive another year on my head, and I would be happy with. When you like me to make
more clips like this, just like and subscribe. When not, fuck you anyway,
and see you next time.

100 thoughts on “DREADLOCKS my life philosophy / dread journey / long dreads

  1. Früher als kleiner junge habe ich dich oft in Radolfzell am Skaterpark gesehen und damals schon gedacht "was ein cooler Typ" 👍🏼
    Respekt dafür das du dich so sehr ausleben kannst!

    P.s. Ich glaube du hast in Überlingen in der Kiesgrube mal eine Skaterbahn gebaut ?

  2. STOP being a hypocrit. ive cut my dreads you cut your fingers…so… whats that small mind judgement about??? its so ugly hearing someone like you talking about other peoples choises. Bad swastika!!!

  3. I think the idea you put into your locks are in other people's as well, yes many people just get dreadlocks as a fad and then cut them off. But there are still many people whos dreadlocks have real meaning to them. In the beginning of 2019 I shaved my head bald as a symbol of a new start for myself. I've been growing my hair since. My goal is to grow it as long as I can because to me it symbolizes freedom and I want to live life alternatively and be free. Maybe one day I'll let my hair dread and I'll remember this video because you showed me the importance behind the dreadlocks! Thanks Lilly!

  4. we are One…separation is just a illusion…by the Way Dreads grow by Nature…you don't have to "make " them…natural hair you are able to find in all cultures from stoneage til now…even in europe at the german, Celtic and slavic Tribes….but i would not Color my dreads…i wish you the best…heil&segen für alle wesen auf den Planeten (hail&Blessing to all beings of the Universe) 🤘💚

  5. loving your channel Lilly! been a huge fan of you and your studio for years now! You've gat such an inspiring outlook on life and its a great insight into why you are who you are. I've had dreads now for 7 years and i feel the exact same about all the trends that are around now with dreads and tattoos, its bullshit!! keep being you and keep the videos coming. i cant get enough of them

  6. This is one of the best channels I’ve ever seen! I like to be different and unique and I loved this video. 🌈I have been looking for content that speaks to me, and now I have found it!😊🤩🙏🏿I will turn on notifications and subscribe to your channel! I can’t wait for you to make more videos!

  7. Hey man, I'm not gonna lie, you look kinda scary. I'm here to tell you that Jesus is REAL and HE LOVES YOU, He died for your sins on the cross 2000 years ago. I don't judge you or anything, I am not the judge. God is the judge. "For God so loved the world that HE gave his only begotten son, that whomsoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life" John 3:16. I invite you to accept Jesus in your heart and life TODAY. Tomorrow is not promised! And read the bible, you have nothing to lose, dont let the enemy distract you from reading it! Will pray for you God bless you

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  9. Yo I love everything about you brother! It’s really inspiring for those of us who don’t want a normal life!

  10. this is great.ive had my dreads for almost 14 years.i started with 20 dreads.they got lonely and I only have 3 now.its great when someone is honest about their dreads.AGOOD AMOUNT OF THE TIME THEY ARE ANNOYING..mine take damn near 4 days to dry

  11. love when you said about dreadlocks "You just make it once and keep it " thats the way I think , Its not fashion thing , Its all knowledge ,memories and experience in them dreads <3 I get angry about mine too sometimes but you live with them like your mates 😀 Nuff <3 Lily Lu!

  12. Reported for repulsive content. Seriously… I was enjoying my dinner until I saw you. Please go away and never pop back up on my related video feed again.

  13. I hope i wached it before i brushed out some of my dreads. Sometimes you get lost in your mind but its good i saw your video cuz you remind me my purpose

  14. How do I become a part of this wonderfull lifestyle? I’m just 15 years but this kind of life you are living looks so beautiful to me🥺❤️

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