Couples Discuss Road Trips

Couples Discuss Road Trips

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Do you know that Perth is only 4 hours away from Singapore. So it’s like weekend trip! You know in the car you get to cover more places. I guess we wanted to expand our dollar cause it’s expensive to book hotels and a roadtrip gives us the freedom to visit the different places. We went during very good weather. It was very cold actually I remembered. You need to bring like… you don’t think like 20 degrees like chill you know, like aircon chill you know, like aircon
you just wear what you wear to work you just wear what you wear to work that kind. For somewhere so near Singapore, it’s a very shiok place. Why? I’m the one who’s navigating most of the time. – She will try to be helpful.
– I’ll be sleeping. She’ll be sleeping. I don’t think we argued about anything in particular. It was more like small, petty things like “Why you talk to me like that?” “No respect is it?” And then fight. I’m the kind who doesn’t dare to do stuff. Like if he wants to climb the rock, I will say “don’t climb the rock”! “I don’t want, I’ll just wait here.” So I’m not a very fun person – to travel with.
– But it keeps me alive. I think it’s a good kind of annoying la. I mean if I drive, she will talk, talk, talk. He’s trying to say I blabber on and on. It’s a win-win thing because it keeps me awake. So there was one time we parked our campervan but it was like it looked like it was bad weather. So we asked the visitor centre anywhere we can go or not. Then they tell us you can walk down the beach there. So then we walked to the, we walked to th beach. Then we like romantic sedikit (a bit). We wanted to stay somewhere then there wasn’t any place and then we had to go to a camper park. And then we were just like okay let’s just try this one. And then there’s like a lot of kangaroos everywhere. I think also the conversations la that we have when we’re on those trips. We make some big life decisions. And he said he wanted to quit his job then I was like, go for it. – What is great that if you…
– Come, come. Come. You got very good direction sense. I think she’s a great conversational partner la. And she’s very good at planning. Without the planning stage right, I think all of our trips won’t really come to fruition la. When she plans, she lists out everything which saves me the effort of going to find all these places. But then, I have to pick up the slack of getting to those places. So that way we complement each other. And she really likes driving, so that works out. Like I just point and she just go and then I help her take photo. I really like driving and in Perth, it’s quite easy because first of all, it’s right-hand driving, same as Singapore. And secondly, I think there are not much cars there. People chill one ah. Ya, quite chill. When you hit the road trip area where people normally go, like Elephant Rock. There are not much people la I feel. It’s not like Singapore whereby you know you wanna change lane then you hesitate only people like screw it you know you don’t get to change lane now. They’re very kind. But everybody’s just like – nice.
– chill. Especially on a campervan you kind of feel the ‘what if y’all live together’? You know, like many, many couples go through good times then after that one bad time then they have problems then they wonder why right. For us it’s like if we were stuck on an island, would you get along or not. And that’s what a campervan road trip feels like. Because the road trip was so nice, we wanted more road trips like that. And then the only way for us to do like 18 day trips, 20 day trips. maybe 1 or 2 month trips, is if we actually left our current jobs at that point of time. True enough actually, I think 6 months later, I quit my job la. We really wanted to go to Rottnest Island. Next trip we’ll go. It’s these little smiling what are they called… Quokkas ah. They just like smile at you. Take photos with them. Selfie you know? But you cannot go to them. You’re supposed to let them come to you. Really? I think so. Like I read on their website. ‘Cause we couldn’t go so I was very bummed right so I just kept reading. I know a lot about Quokkas. I would recommend that all couples at least go on a road trip once. As a couple, you will make mistakes and that’s where the beauty lies la. You make mistakes and then you solve them together. I mean even if you live together, every day you are going to work, you know. So there’s time apart. But when you’re on holiday together, it’s literally 24/7 together. That’s where you learn the most about your partner. So if you’re thinking about going on a road trip, just go. Because Scoot is having a sale to Perth! Four hours from Singapore, driving also on the same side as Singapore, weather also shiok. A lot of places to see. And there are 7 long weekends in 2020 la, just saying. Yup, so we go? We just came back.

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  1. Watching this video makes me wonder where and how long should I go for a road trip with my girlfriend…. that is ,when I get one

  2. Go rottnest island and rent a bike unless you are a big fan of walking. Its a nice place and you can go to quokkas, they are friendly but try not to carry them, they bite.

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