Coffee Break Travels: in Piemonte with Francesca

Coffee Break Travels: in Piemonte with Francesca

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Hello everyone and welcome to Coffee Break Italian. I’m Mark. Hi everyone, I’m Francesca. Today we have something special! Something special for you today on this video
episode of Coffee Break Italian . Francesca, can you explain to us all what we’re doing? As Mark said, we’re doing something very special, a change from the usual. As you can see from our clothes, we’re not in Scotland, but obviously we’re in Italy! We’re travelling by car, we’ve just crossed the border between Lombardy and Piemonte, and we’re very much in Piemonte now, So, Piemonte, that’s your region, isn’t it? My region, yes! I’m home! So, this means that we are going
somewhere special today. We are actually going to Francesca’s village which is called Pettinengo. Or as us locals call it, “Pettinengo Beach” Is there a beach? No, because it’s in the mountains, isolated from everything and everyone, it’s really cold! It’s not cold today. No, not today. We’ve been lucky with the weather. Indeed! So, what will be seeing in Pettinengo? In Pettinengo … I don’t know, Pettinengo is always a surprise, a bit “unpredictable”, as you say in English but I hope to see my family obviously, my relations, perhaps some friends, the people of the village, but I also want to show you a bit of the place where I grew up and also those places we call “the places of the heart”. “the places of the heart” We have just finished filming a series of
Coffee Break Italian To Go in Milan and for that we’ve been joined by
Monica who’s with us too. Monica’s been helping us with the filming and the sound and so she’s going to be helping us in
Pettinengo today as well. And perhaps she’ll speak a bit of Italian! Yes, last night she ordered her pizza in Italian, she was great! But pizza without chicken! That wasn’t even on the menu! Let’s make sure the listeners know that! So, today we are also going to be
hopefully visiting Biella. Tell us about Biella. Yes, Biella is the city, the biggest town near my village, Pettinengo, the town where I went to secondary school, where I spent, let’s say, the years of my youth so Biella is obviously also an important town for me because I have many memories in those little streets and it’s a nice town, not very well known, but it’s well worth a visit! I’m very happy to get to know it today! I’ll show you the things Iike, maybe taste my favourite ice cream That’s important! If the ice cream shop is open. Let’s hope we even meet someone I know to have a chat, it would be nice. “To have two chats” I love that! “To do two chats”.
To have just two chats. Just two mind you! Even four! You can also say “to have four chats”. Ok, well, we’ll be back with more later on. Francesca we’ve started the climb up to
Pettinengo from Biella. How exciting! The big climb up to Pettinengo! How many times have I taken this road? Coming home from school, coming home from nights out with friends… There’s something very important that we have to do. Tell me! I know I’ll see your father and I know your father will speak to me in Piemontese! Obviously! Because he thinks that by now you’re fluent! You may have seen on our
Instagram that Francesca’s father
was in the studio in Glasgow with us once, and we did a quick Coffee Break Piemontese. Before we get up there can you remind me of a couple of Piemontese phrases so that I can suitably impress the famous man? “The famous man?” Obviously to greet someone you can say “bon di”. Bon di. And then to ask “how are you?” you can say “me ch’a va?” You can also say “t’ëstè ben?” That’s the one I remember! “T’ëstè ben?” So, we’ve got “bon di”, “Me ch’a va?” Or “t’ëstè ben?” How would I say “it’s lovely to see you again”? I’ve got to think because I’m not very fluent in Piemontese! “Son pròpi content de vëdd-ti” This way – follow the main road. Pettinengo – it’s written there! “Son pròpi content de vëdd-ti” or maybe more Piemontese – that was a bit “italianised” – “de s’ciaré-ti”. “S-ciaré” means “to see” / “to clarify” “Son pròpi content de s-ciaré-ti”. Ok, so I’ll try to get through this. Bon di. Me ch’a va? Son pròpi content de s-ciaré-ti. Well done! We are now outside the local shop in Pettinengo where people come to buy their
milk and bread everyday. It’s such an important shop for the community
because it keeps the community alive and people meet here and chat,
So I always try when I am in Pettinengo to come and buy my shopping in this shop. The people who run it are really, really nice people
so I would like you to meet them and see the wonderful things they do for Pettinengo. So come with me! Hello! Hello! So I’ve come to Pettinengo for a few days Great! Welcome back! I want all the Coffee Break Italian listeners to see my favourite shop! A museum shop! Why is it a museum shop? It’s historical. In what way? Do you want to explain to the listeners? Historical … well not that historical. Fifty three years. Fifty three? Fifty three! Since 1966 The shop has been open since 1966? December 1966. In 1896 my great grandfather opened a bakery. So great grandfather, grandfather, mother, me and Ricky. And who would Ricky be? He’s sorting things out over there. In terms of family members? My nephew. Five generations. So, what is the best thing you sell in this shop? If one of the listeners comes to Pettinengo, what will you make for them? Good question! A nice panino with…? All the panini are good! Cured sausage. I heard a voice! Cured sausage. It sounds like a good idea. Thank you! Everything! There’s focaccia, strawberries, bread… Perfect! So there’s something for everyone! Tomatoes, everything… Chiquita bananas not yet sorry! We don’t have them yet in Pettinengo. Pettinengo bananas! Hello! [They speak Piemontese] Francesca can you introduce everyone? Yes, of course. This is my dad, my daddy! His name is Clemente. This lady is my mum, her name is Anna. And there’s also… over here there’s my brother, the guy with the blue jumper, Emilio. He’s my little brother actually, because he’s younger. And this is one of my many uncles, but one of my favourites! I invited him because he grew up in Bradford and he speaks English with a Yorkshire accent! Ah – there’s someone else! The dog! Can you go and get the dog? Here he is! Come here! This is Fergus. He’s got a Scottish name, but he’s Italian, my dog. So I also want to show you the balcony of my house, or may parents’ house, because there’s a view which I love so much of the Biellese Pre-Alps. It’s a bit cloudy today so you can’t see very well, but they are beautiful mountains where we go walking in the summer, or where in winter we go skiing. So they’re the mountains I miss when I’m in Scotland. This is my dad’s vegetable patch, This is the “vegetable patch”,
I think you would say in English, or “allotment”. My Dad is very proud of his “orto” because because he puts so much effort into growing aubergines, courgettes, tomatoes, potatoes, flowers, pumpkins, and every summer it is the same story this “orto” will explode with courgettes, and at some point my Mum will say “what will I do with all these courgettes?” Every day she has to come up with a
different recipe to use all the courgettes. And now we are in our family kitchen. And I always consider this kitchen,
if I can call it, a Coffee Break location because a few years ago we were here with Katie as well when we were recording the last
ten episodes of Coffee Break Italian Season 1. And we were sitting here with
my Mum who was showing us how to make a proper, Italian Tiramisù. We’re now in the centre of Pettinengo where this beautiful park can be found as you can see. The park is called “Villa Piazzo” and it’s the green heart of the village, a place, a park used for weddings, events, also somewhere where the locals come to relax, to read a book, to have a coffee. I’m with my uncle and we’ve just been talking about these “hidden” places, these “secret” places like this one, which you find in Italy, and my uncle was making some interesting comments which I want to share with you. In this area which is known as the “Biellese”, there’s a pearl which is called the Sanctuary of Europe. The Sanctuary of Europe is 1200m above sea level and it’s the highest Marian sanctuary in Europe. What does “Marian” mean, uncle? Dedicated to the Virgin Mary. So it’s the highest one in Europe dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Do you want to do a quick summary in English? Here we have the sanctuary which is called Santuario di Europa at one thousand two hundred metres, and it’s the highest sanctuary dedicated
to Our Lady that there is in Europe. Thank you. And on the other hand, behind us, what is there? The very interesting thing is
that during this time of the year you have thunderstorms during the evening and in the morning it’s extremely clear. The air is very clear. You can actually go up to the Santuario di Europa. You have a cable car, which starts from 1200m it goes up to 1700m. Then you have a cable car which will take you to 2400m. And from there you have a magnificent view of the whole Alps, the whole range of the Alps, starting from Genoa right down to the
Swiss Alps and the Austrian Alps. Yes, our beautiful mountains! Come and visit them! So, my Dad was just telling
me about this tree here behind us. This tree here is the oldest tree in Italy it’s a Lebanon cedar. I used to come here as a boy and have a snack here underneath the tree, but now you see it’s so old that all the branches are rotten. They’ve tied some up to make it safe. Otherwise it would be enormous. When it was hot, we would come here, we’d have a picnic, we’d have a bottle of wine, we’d eat and drink and sing all young and happy! How nice! So it’s a nice place for your picnic in Pettinengo! Well, we have really enjoyed our visit to
Il Piazzo di Pettinengo. To me, it was like going back in time And, yeah, it brought back childhood memories. I was just telling my brother, Emilio, how many happy days we had in this
park when we were children. Isn’t that right?
Yes. We used to play with our friends in the playpark… So that’s all from the Pettinengo park. Do you want to say hello to the listeners? Of course! Hi everyone! Keep following Coffee Break Italian with Francesca! Here we are in the high part of Pettinengo which looks a bit like a terrace, like a balcony. In fact Pettinengo is known in the area (the area is called the Biellese, the Biella region) Pettinengo is known as ‘Il Balcone del Biellese’ The balcony, the terrace of the Biellese area because you can enjoy such a fantastic, amazing view of all the Biellese. And actually there is also a song that
we sing here in Pettinengo, I’m not going to sing it but the song says: Pettinengo, my beautiful village, they have called you the balcony of the Biellese. “Pettinengo oh my beautiful village, they have called you the balcony of the Biellese area.” Ok, now we are in the heart of the village, like every self-respecting Italian village we’re in the square, the heart of the village. We have the church, the war memorial, in every Italian village there’s a war memorial, the “caduti” are the people who died during the war as a result of defending the homeland, the country, and then we have my primary school, where I studied for five years, we have the football pitch behind me, every Italian village has a football pitch, then a bit further away we have the “scuola media”, which doesn’t really exist in English-speaking countries, but it’s “middle school” and a bit further up there’s the kindergarten / nursery, and a bit over to the side there’s also the town hall. So all the features of a typical Italian city, town or village, concentrated around the main square. Here we are in the church square: behind me you can see the church of Pettinengo, and its square. In this square I’ve spent five years of “intervalli” “Intervallo” is a school break, when you have a snack and you play with your friends. So this square has seen a lot of interaction with my friends during my school years. So we’re almost finished for today. We’ve just left Pettinengo, we’re driving down towards Biella, and it has been a lovely day. It has been a lovely day! Special! Thank you Mark. I didn’t think I would ever go to my life in Pettinengo with Coffee Break Italian! And with the whole Coffee Break Italian community! Yes, thank you for coming with us to visit my village. You can also come here for real, of course! I should say that this has not been sponsored by the Biella tourist board or anything! No, no! And what have we seen, Mark? Do you remember? OK, we saw the park and the beautiful views from the park. What was the park called again? La Villa Piazzo. We did some shopping in the local shop. Yes, in Ruggiero’s shop. We saw your school, we saw the church, the square, and everything there and wandered through the streets and also… We were also at my house! Exactly, and we saw some Coffee Break locations too! Yes, like my kitchen! Straight on here, Mark.
Thank you. We’re just about finished this video but don’t forget that you can get more videos like this by subscribing to the Coffee Break Languages YouTube channel and also click the little bell icon that appears and that way you’ll get notified when we release
new videos. So make sure you do that!
‘Coffee Break Languages’ here on YouTube. So, now that’s all for today! Yes… eh… Mark, I know you’re really tired and you’ve been driving all day but I just got a text from my niece Emma and she’s in Biella and she’s said if we could meet for a quick ice cream? I’m never one to refuse an ice cream so … … so would it be OK? Of course! OK. I’ll send a text to Emma and we’ll meet her soon then! Perfect. So perhaps you can meet Emma too! Let’s hope so! See you soon. This is Emma. Emma is my niece, and also my goddaughter, Hi! And also one of my friends I could say. So do you fancy an ice cream? Yes please! Shall we all have an ice cream together? Come on! Hello. For me a cone with “crema” and peach please. Here you are. Thank you. And Emma, what do you want? Well I would like a cone with “fior di latte” and stracciatella. Well we’ve had a lovely day, first of all in Pettinengo and now in Biella and we’re just finishing off with a coffee break. Well, Emma’s having coffee but we’re all having some cold drinks because it’s a very warm day today. It’s been lovely travelling to Pettinengo and now to Biella and meeting Emma for the first time! Pleased to meet you! I think, Mark, Emma and I have a lot to talk about, we really need a proper catch-up. OK, so will we finish there? So I think it’s time to say, goodbye and thank you very much for traveling with us in Italy. Exactly. And as always, See you next time! Bye!

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