Brecia’s Exciting Journey

Brecia’s Exciting Journey

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Hello, my name is Brecia Hadden and I’m from Detroit I like having superpowers, my magical superpower is the power to do everything. I really like magic! With my magic I read all the history books and write fast, in college I like to study in the library, I read all the books with my superpower. I am very intelligent, interesting, and introverted, I am not outgoing. With my superpower, I can read and learn history quickly making myself more intelligent in history My favorite number is four because it is a magic number On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I prefer to study with my friends. On Saturdays and Sundays I prefer to study alone In my free time, I like to watch TV, rest or cook. With my superpower, Kim Kardashian is my best friend and we go to the movies on weekends Normally, on Mondays at eight in the morning, I go to work, and on Fridays at ten at night I am in my bed watching television After Spanish class, I go to work or home. I cook dinner three times a week, but with my superpower, I have a lot of money to go to restaurants in Hollywood. I am very intelligent, students pay me money to write and read for them. My other superpower is the power to speak different languages. I speak four languages: English, French, Spanish and Chinese I write all history books in different languages ​​for college students so they can read the story and fun books. I like reading to children about superheroes and how anything is possible with magic. My favorite book is Corduroy, I read my nieces and nephew when I’m in Detroit

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