Backpacking Trip Planning Part 2

Backpacking Trip Planning Part 2

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getting these guidebooks like the Superior
hiking trail guidebook it tells you the distance between campsites and you can
estimate that on a lot of maps a lot of trails have a website but one thing you
might want to find is your distance between campsites a lot of places you’re
required to use the designated campsites such as the superior hiking trail
because it runs through private property in a lot of places and they get those
easement rights under the stipulation that people just don’t go out camping
into those woods willy-nilly and if you get to a designated site like disappear
hiking trail it’s like the 80 now if somebody’s there you know you don’t get
to have the site to yourself you have to share them when we did the Vermont long
trail there aren’t a lot of water sources where we were and the water
sources were sort of at the sites and they have these shelters now we were in
hammocks so we were able to hang every night because we didn’t want to stay in
the shelters of people and that’s another thing to consider if you’re a
hammock hanger are there trees are there going to be trees at the site it’s a
dice roll sometimes no the reason to have these Maps or go on a forum or if
you can find anybody that’s hiked that trail before or go online and search it
and a lot of time you find these people that have these blogs or they’ve just
written a report about their trip and they might talk about the water sources
and that’s an important thing a lot of trails don’t have great water sources
meaning where you can stop and fill up and get water now spear hiking trail has
great water sources so I don’t have to carry a lot in the day other trails are
gonna require you to carry a lot of water or maybe find somewhere that you
can stash some water up ahead so check those water sources are there creeks
rivers ponds lakes streams Springs whatever there may be so check that
because that can make a huge difference in the comfort of your trip you don’t
want to go around it being super thirsty that’s the worst rather be hungry than
thirsty now one thing to consider is places where you can do dispersed
camping and here in Minnesota that is usually not your state parks but your
state forests and the state forests now that you know
have your fancy campgrounds and the the trails may be kind of rambling and not
that maintained if they have a trail at all but you’re allowed to if as long as
you’re 200 feet away from water from a road from things like that you’re
allowed to go out and do what’s called dispersed camping so check and see if
it’s dispersed camping or camping has to be specific in a site
all right look at all the trail heads and see how far you are from big roads
check online join a club go to the website go on a forum I’m on hammock
forums a lot you could ask a question like are is you know people have asked
it there is parking safe at the such-and-such trailhead on the superior
hiking trail and I can chime in and go never have my car broken into other
places have a lot of problems with break-ins so check your trail heads see
where they are see how lonely they are are they near things like when you come
out you want to make sure you can go eat somewhere quickly some of the look at a
lot of trails have a lot of trail heads so you can shuttle your cars if you’re
going with a few people or you know put 30 miles between which is like what
Hickory and I did on the Vermont long trail but if you’re gonna do a two-car
shuttle keep in mind you eat up a lot of your day cuz the two of you have to
drive down to one end of the trail park one person’s car they got to grab their
stuff put it in your car if you’re us you’re totally never prepared even
though you think you are and you’re rooting around for this or taking that
out put everything back in the car drive back up again to where you’re gonna
start and then go your I thought I’m gonna put this in here now and I thought
I wasn’t gonna take that but now I’m gonna take this or I don’t want those
kind of pop-tarts I’m gonna put these kind of pop-tarts in so you got a factor
in that shuttle time of switching your cars particularly if you’re doing like
30 miles at a time if you’re doing a long trail you know one person’s at this
end and the other person’s at this end is 250 miles well you don’t have to
worry about it so much but you still got to make that drive and go back another
thing to think about and people on the spear hiking trail do that they have the
superior shuttle which doesn’t really run in the winter but during the summer
or Monday through Friday not all the way to the north end of the trail but about
as far as Grand Marais that shuttle goes up and down that trail at
times and they’re pretty good they’ll sit at that trailhead for two minutes if
you’re not there they’re gonna leave you you can reserve a place but look at
shuttles in your area a lot of time it’s local people like down in the southeast
it’s just some guy that lives up there near Damascus and he’ll drive you from
here to here now he’ll charge you you know you got to pay a little bit cuz
that’s a person’s time and gas and they’re driving you a long distance to
get there so try to find that information if you need a shuttle you’re
a person that maybe you’re gonna park your car down here and you want to get a
shuttle ride way up here because you’re doing a solo or it’s just two of you and
you’re both gonna walk back down to the car a lot of times the hotels or resorts
is a places like that might provide shuttle service it’s worth looking into
that’s another thing to think about planning your trip there’s a lot of
things to think about give me up last night once I started thinking about all
these things going I guess I never think about them even though I do it another
important thing to look at is for a bailout now let’s say you get on the
trail you’re 70 miles in your friend turns their ankle you get hurt you’re
not feeling good some trails you have no bailouts you’re gonna have to turn
around and walk back you know you’re in a wilderness area other trails you might
be somewhere pretty close to a road or another trailhead that you can get off
the trail and hike three or four miles out to a trailhead and maybe you’ve got
phone reception and get yourself off the trail or call somebody there’s another
good reason to carry I carry the inReach Explorer so I can I can send the text
even if I don’t have reception out there and that said there’s another thing to
look at in these modern times everybody with their cell phones check in the area
and see is there cell reception out there and what what carrier has better
reception you know is that AT&T is it Sprint is it Verizon something to
consider and you can usually find that on blogs and forums or call a ranger
stations they sometimes know you know wherever you’re going look at search the
local ranger stations and call them and see if you can get some information or
local Outfitters now my buddy Hickory one thing he loves to do he loves to do
a food water cash and and it’s kind of fun you
know so let’s say you don’t want to carry six days of food but there’s a
place on the trail and well you know him and I when we get together part of our
fun is driving around in the car listening to Frank Zappa and weird music
from our youth and just pretending that we’re 17 years old again instead of
being 61 like we are we’ll drive to a place and he brings a couple of ammo
boxes and some chain and a lock and we go out somewhere and we put some extra
meals some extra fuel he’ll put a little bit of whiskey for himself I might put
an extra candy bar we might stash some water and it’s kind of fun because you
sort of have something to look forward to because you know even three days in
you can just say man I am sick of oatmeal and he was on a real health kick
eating all this Kashi stuff and one time he’s going around I’ll trade you ten
cash he’s for one pop-tart this is a sick Akash he’s some trails or some
areas don’t like you to do that others there’s no rules on it at all but we put
it in the ammo things we cover it and hickory always locks it up with like a
bike chain just so an animal doesn’t drag it off and it’s fun to get there
and kind of go you know put this back in I’m gonna grab this meal cuz I don’t
want that one and then but the thing is when we finish our trip we got to go
back and pick all that up but that just adds to our enjoyment he taught me that
the end of a trip don’t rush home take your time stop
somewhere and cook a chicken where they got some barbecue grills animals when
you go to a trail maybe it’s not your area Minnesota here we have black bear
moose wolf Sasquatch red squirrels so you know you’re gonna go somewhere else
that maybe doesn’t have black bears and it’s you know or you might be going
somewhere that has brown bears grizzly bears a womans or you might be attacked
by a badger look forward to seeing that wildlife safely if you can but also be
prepared don’t be worried don’t hike with worry but be vigilant and it’s good
to know do you need a do you need a bear vault or an earth sack or how do I want
to hang my food or if we’re in grizzly country we really might want to cook
somewhere other than where we sleep snakes or another thing we don’t have a
lot of snakes here in Minnesota southeaster I go
the snakes so I got to kind of think about my footing or stepping over logs
again going there it could be a snake right over there and won’t be here in
Minnesota they’ll just be that red squirrel maybe
sasquatch leaning in on me

74 thoughts on “Backpacking Trip Planning Part 2

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  21. Just a note on cell phone coverage. I was sunk to the axles in my car in a wilderness swamp in South Carolina with no coverage. I pitched my tent in the middle of the mud road to spend the night. In a thunderstorm I noticed I had some bars, enough to text my daughter about my predicament. The bars then disappeared. I got pulled out the next day for $250 but well worth it! Use text even if you see no bars. For some reason this sometimes connects.

  22. Two car leapfrog.

    Leave one car at trailhead A. Drive other car to trailhead B. Hike back to A.

    Drive to C. Hike back to B.

    Drive to D. Hike back to C.

    Wash, rinse, repeat.

  23. Love the info Shug! You are the best! Quick question. Do you have a video already, or can you do one on what you do at a back country camp site when there is not any trees to hang from, and you weren't expecting it? Thanks again!!! You da man! Woo Buddy!!!!!

  24. The advice to see if the trail has a website devoted to it needs to be emphasized. Many trails have a dedicated and passionate group of supporters. One example: The Foothills Trail. Their website is a gold mine and the members of that community will answer questions, put up how-to videos, provide shuttle services and in general support the trail and the people who hike it.

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