85 thoughts on “Adam Ondra #52: Croatia Climbing Road Trip 2/2

  1. Im entering 30 and my physique is on a downfall for a while now. However, I love nature, travelling,….and I feel I would really enjoy rock climbing. How would you recomend me get in shape for rock climbing?

  2. I wonder if you tried or climbed a famous route from Manolo, called Malvazija. It is near Dvigrad. I was there in December and my friend, a well-known hungarian climber told some stories about that. I would love to see, how you would climb that route!

  3. Hey Adam, it would be really cool to see a collaboration between you and Magnus Midtbø, since you both make climbing content for youtube but with a very different focus (your competition focused & outdoor vs his indoor & entertainment focus).

  4. I realize the, "I think he knows what he's doing" storm that will follow this comment, but you really should pick a different knot. A single bowline with a double fisherman backup knot is actually a pretty dangerous knot. I used to use that and a double bowline version, but always use a figure 8 with the follow through now. Much safer and still very easy to undo even after a bunch of falls and pumped forearms. Keep crushing and stay safe!

  5. Hi! My name is Adam! I apply pressure from underneath rocks and still climb up. I break the laws of physics. I'm a rule breaker 😂🤣😂 nice job Adam! I'll be rooting for you at the Olympics!!!

  6. Hi, Adam, I'm a climber from Brazil. Have you ever been here? If no, you're invited. I'm a fan of an old czech rock band: Půlnoc. Do you know them?

  7. Thank you sponsors for funding all the camera crew and Adam. I've greatly enjoyed the inspiration these videos bring on Mondays ready for climbing training all week. :muscle:

  8. What an incredibly talented climber! It is amazing the way he pushes the limits of the human body in order to climb a route.

  9. I think one of the things that makes Adam Ondra even more inspirational than climbing 9c is that he falls on an 8c a bunch of times and still has the biggest smile on his face. Truly living for the climb!

    Also you and Iva are so cute. I'm glad you found love, Adam.

  10. ''it's only 8c''
    ONLY an 8c…
    i struggle on 6a and this guy is upset that he couldn't climb an 8c on first try.

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